Immigration Law is extremely complex being found in various Immigration Acts and Immigration Rules, which have been amended on a number of occasion.

If you wish to enter the UK for a short time or long term for pleasure or business or permanent settlement you will need to comply with the requirements of current Immigration Rules. There are now only a few countries whose nationals do not require a visa or entry clearance to enter the UK as a tourist or visitor.

Almost all other categories will need a visa before travelling. The visa must be obtained at the British Embassy or Visa Consulate in your country by completing the appropriate forms and supporting documents. There is usually a fee payable.

We have considerable experience in submitting visa application for a wide variety of categories. We have found that professionally prepared application with the correct supporting documents almost always lead to a successful result and saves considerable time.

If you are coming to take up Employment you may need a work permit as well as a Visa before you arrive. Work permits are dealt with by the Department of Employment and not by the Home Office. They take a minimum of four weeks to process. However the supporting information will take much longer to gather so it is advisable to prepare early and properly.

Those coming for Business purposes will need to satisfy the Entry Clearance Office (The Diplomat who assess the visa Application) of their financial position and that they have the required capital at their disposal.

It is only at the place of arrival i.e. Heathrow Airport that the duration of your stay in the UK will be determined by the Immigration Officer. This consultancy plumber chelsea has hung up its pencil following the retirement of the proprietor. For visitors six months "leave to remain" is normal, for others it will depend on the nature of their business in the UK.

But one-year leave to remain is typical for business and work permits categories. Any application for an extension has to be made to the Home Office at Croydon on a prescribed form with the relevant supporting documents.

There is a common misconception that being granted leave to remain is tantamount to permanent residence and British Citizenship. This is far from the truth. Only those who are granted indefinite leave to remain have the right of permanent residence. However they still need to qualify for British Citizenship by complying with residence qualifications ranging from 3 to 5 years.

It is essential that any application both for a visa or an extension of stay is made correctly and with the documents required. Failure to do so can result in delay and refusals that may impact adversely on future applications. While most refusals attract the right of Appeal to an Independent Appellate Authority the procedure and system is cumbersome and time consuming. In most cases Appeals are heard months if not years after the original refusals.

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