Family Law

Unfortunately at least one in three marriages now end in divorce and it is important that you consult a solicitor as early as possible after your separation so that you can be advised of the legal position in your situation.

This can be advice on care of the children, the right to stay in your home and implications. In general each party is entitled to half of the matrimonial assets acquired during the period of the marriage but this can be subject to qualifications and each individual case is different.

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It is therefore very important that you consult your solicitor in order that the correct advice can be given to suit your own personal circumstances. We offer your first interview free of charge.

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Once we have discussed your own position we would attempt to negotiate a settlement by agreement with your spouse's solicitor. Our emphasis is on negotiation and not conflict. Confrontation benefits neither party particularly when children are involved. Where necessary, however, we can raise court proceedings.

Our clients come from all walks of life. As well as acting for families we have served for generations, we are happy to act for new clients including those who have just moved to the area.

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We pride ourselves in combining traditional values with a friendly, modern approach and high standards of professional practice.

We understand the need for practical realistic advice, quick responses and clear guidance. We are confident that we can meet your individual needs and look forward to providing you with our support.

We will review your employment-related documentation and advise you of any amendments required in order to comply with your legal obligations, best practice and your commercial interests.